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Gameday Information


Players will arrive 10 minutes early before your game at the ATHLETE ENTRANCE (Sign will be outside). Follow the sign pointing to lockerooms to the right. Your locker room assignment will be posted outside the doors of the classrooms. Please make sure athletes and parents know they WILL NOT be returning to the locker rooms after the game because the next team will already be in there so they must take all belongings with them.

Please share team name with any family or friends who will be attending. Those attending not dropping off a player will enter the SPECTATOR ENTRANCE (sign will be outside, it is where you enter for practice). Game schedules will be posted on a sign and also the entrance door.



Quarters are 10 Minutes long with a stoppage at 5 minutes to put in new players. All players rotating at the 5 minute mark will be players who were not in the previous 5 minutes of play (Unless less than 10 players showed up for the game) 

Any spectating children must remain seated with parents and family. The hallways and other rooms of the church are off limits and children must remain with a parent.



This is a new procedure! At the completion of a game players and coaches will be leave the court and head to the room next to the court for a short devotion. If any parents brought a team snack, please pass it out when players enter the room. Parents can join or wait in the hallway outside. We ask that parents immediately leave the court at the end of the game because the next game will be starting.


Devotions are 5-10 minutes. At the conclusion parents can exit at the doors for the ATHLETE ENTRANCE.


If games are cancelled due to weather we will determine this the morning of games.

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